Spin Wave Computing for Ultimately-Scaled Hybrid Low-Power Electronics - CHIRON


The future miniaturisation of electronic circuits following Moore’s law will require the introduction of increasingly disruptive technologies to limit power consumption and optimise performance per circuit area. CHIRON envisions spin wave computing to complement and eventually replace CMOS in future microelectronics. Spin wave computing is a paradigm-shifting technology that uses the interference of spin waves for computation. Spin wave computing has the potential for significant power and area reduction per computing throughput while reducing cost by alleviating lithography requirements. As a first step towards the vision of a full spin wave computer, CHIRON envisions hybrid spin wave–CMOS circuits that can be readily integrated alongside CMOS.

CHIRON targets a proof of principle of the essential elements for spin wave computing by an interdisciplinary approach joining partners with expertise in material science, physics, nano-manufacturing, electrical engineering, device simulation, and circuit design. CHIRON will fabricate basic logic gates, such as inverters and majority gates, demonstrate their operation, and assess their performance. As transducers between the CMOS and spin wave domains in hybrid circuits, CHIRON will develop magnetoelectric and multiferroic nanoresonators, based on nanoscale bulk acoustic resonators, which bear promise for high energy efficiency and large output signal. The targeted lateral scale (100 nm) and resonance frequency (>10 GHz) bring such resonators to the frontier of nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS).
This technological proof of principle is complemented by the design of digital hybrid spin wave–CMOS circuits that show the advantages of spin wave computing and can be integrated into a CMOS environment. Based on calibrated compact device models, the performance of these circuits in terms of power, area, and throughput will be benchmarked against CMOS to demonstrate their viability. 


CHIRON workshop
on Hybrid Spin-Wave C
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The CHIRON project,
a project funded by the EU under the H2020 programme
(contract number: 801055)

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